How to plan a project with the ifocus business and productivity planner?

So you have a project?


You can make it more transparent and accessible with the help of Ifocus.

A project can be divided into smaller parts, and the ifocus business and productivity planner makes use of this.

Think of your project as a puzzle.

It consists of many little pieces, and every piece is needed to see the full picture.

You can divide your project into smaller parts in the PROJECT THEMES page.

Then you can set the projects’ individual tasks so that the whole project can be completed.

Then you can set WHICH PROJECT THEMES you’ll be working on in the following weeks.

Once it’s done, you can start doing the next one.

You can see the next 13 weeks’ worth of PROJECT THEMES.

Whatever may happen, you’ve planned ahead and you can see which PROJECT THEME will come next week. Since you know this, you can plan your things accordingly.

You no longer just react to things, you’re in control more than ever.

This is a huge advantage in itself compared to the competition, and if you have no competition, it’s still much better to see that we control everything.