How to rise above boredom with the Ifocus Business Planner?

If someone dislikes their job and wants to get rid of the boredom, the best way to do it is:

  1. To find a new goal that is worth working for.
  2. To add a bit of playful gaming element to it.


This obviously isn’t always easy as it requires some extra mental and physical effort from our part.

But we must start somewhere.

The Ifocus Business Planner makes it much easier.

It helps us to set daily goals.

Let’s say that our goal is to earn 100 points in the Productivity game by the end of the day.

So the goal is to get a 100 points!

The next step is to (whether we use the weekly or daily planner) write down all the activities we want to do during our day.

Once the list is ready, sort them into the PRIORITY BOX on the bottom of the page.

Once we’re done, you can see how to earn a 100 points.

Now let’s start working and empty the URGENT and the IMPORTANT boxes, then the EVERYTHING ELSE box.

It’s almost guaranteed that if you do everything, you’ll feel much better by the end of the day. You’ll not only become more satisfied and happy, but you will also find out what a really productive working day actually is.