Why is this planner better? Why should I buy it? Is it for me?

Why is this planner better??

First of all,

Reaching our goals is no game and must be taken seriously. Our future could depend on whether we reach our goal or not; a successful career, a good business, more money, constant improvement in every field of our lives.

These are important things; their results could influence our happiness. Our life could be wonderful and full of winning if we reach our goals.

But it could also be a fight with constant despair and fruitless effort to progress just a little.

Reaching our goals is no game.

When choosing a planner, keep in mind that the creators are fully aware of these facts.

Playing with others’ lives for some profit is no game.

Your future is important for us! We want you to be successful and happy.

We are giving you a planner that actually helps you become more productive and successful, leading you to a happier life.

But how is ifocus better than the other planners?

It’s better for entrepreneurs and business owners that want to reach their goals.

Most planners tell you to be grateful for life, order you to write this down yourself, then you get some wise quotes, etc.

But the thing is, if you want to reach your goal, there’s an important factor that will make it much easier:


And the skill to concentrate on your goals.

This, especially in our modern world, is a challenge in itself!

The ifocus business and productivity planner, contrary to other planners, has one main goal:

To support you until you reach your goal, to help you focus on your goal. Full attention to get the job done!

We believe this is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful person.

Not intelligence, not business contacts, not money.

If someone is adamant and doesn’t give up, then they will reach their goals.

They will reach whatever they want, whatever the cost. This is success.

When designing ifocus, we observed on other people – and on ourselves as well – how the planning – achieving – result process really works, what kind of interruptions are there and how to step them in order to reach our goals.

We saw that once we’ve had a goal, the challenges were instantly there. Our old habits don’t support progress, and we give up after days or weeks.

The ifocus business and productivity planner is not a secret medicine, but greatly aids you on your journey to progress and to reach your goals.

This doesn’t work without us. It will be effective only if we take our goals seriously and use the planner daily, whether we’re in the mood or not.