the STORY behind ifocus

every great dream begins with a dreamer! like you!

Over the last 10 years, I was simultaneously the head of a media agency’s customer service and sales team.
Every drawback we faced, the fluctuation, demotivated colleagues, low productivity, never-ending race with the deadlines, stressful workdays, burnout, everything was the direct result of one thing: The way people deal with their own job and tasks.
I’m the type of entrepreneur that passionately wants to know what makes some people do their best peak performance, while some are satisfied with a mediocre performance.
I’ve been an observer for a decade, and my discoveries surprised me. I found out that the best performing people all shared the same features, thinking patterns, habits.

I’ve filled several notebooks with my findings over the years, and managed to narrow down this long list into some very surprising, but simple rules.
These rules basically guaranteed that if someone used them, they’d find more joy in their job, would perform better, and their productivity would be through the roof.
We compiled these rules later and published them so that anyone in the company could use it.
Not long ago, during the early stages of the Ifocus Business Planner, we tried to build these rules into the planner so that you can work more effectively while enjoying the job itself. This way, you’ll find out how it feels when you control your very own mood!

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