How to play the productivity game with the Ifocus Business Planner

You can play the game by yourself, with your partner, your colleagues, friends or anybody.

Due to the design of the planner, if you complete everything every day, you can collect 1000 points per week. Of course, you may get even more, there’s no upper limit. We’d be glad to know how much points would you like to earn next month. Email us at

The steps are the following:

  1. Set a number as your goal for the week.
  2. Divide this number by your weekly working days. (I work for a few hours at the weekends as well, so I divide it by seven, but many people divide it by five only.) You’ll get your daily points this way.
  3. When planning your week, plan it so that you can reach your daily goal with the activities.
  4. Once you’ve started your day, put your daily goal number into the NOTES part.
  5. Before starting to work, spend at least five minutes with planning and prioritizing.
  6. Work actively and productively, increase your points to be closer to your daily goal.
  7. Check your points at the end of the day, and if you’ve reached your daily goal, reward yourself with something!

If you’re competing with someone or if you’re playing as a pair, check your points at the end of the day, share your success and experience so that they can learn from it. This way, you’ll create a happy, productive environment together, where work brings joy!