How should I count my productivity points?

During the day, you can collect points by completing your tasks. The point system is very simple and is designed to urge you towards a productive day.

  1. In the URGENT and IMPORTANT box everything is 10 point. These are the most important tasks. You should start your day with this box.
  2. Then comes the IMPORTANT box, where every task if completed is worth 5 points.

This is much less than the 10 points for tasks in the previous box. This is intended to direct your attention to the left box. If you finish the left box (Urgent and Important) and then go on to complete the IMPORTANT box, you can multiply the points in the IMPORTANT box three times. It means that every completed task in the IMPORTANT box is 15 point, which is the true value since you have to focus on these tasks during the project.

However, if you start your day with the IMPORTANT box, it is likely that your URGENT and IMPORTANT tasks will pile up and the project will hit a rut or be delayed. If you are smart, you start always with the Urgent and Important Box.

The third box (EVERYTHING ELSE) is worth 1 point, and this value does not change. These don’t directly help the project’s success or quick development. These are typically routine activities and other tasks that we do out of habit.

These tasks do not really help us move forwards; they simply maintain a state.

So first of all, if you want to be efficient, you must start with completing all the tasks in the Urgent and Important box. Then comes the Important box, and finally everything else.

 Important note: When you calculate your productivity points, and you want to multiply the points in the IMPORTANT box, be sure you completed every task in the Urgent and Important box previously. If you didn’t, you only can count five points after every task you completed in the IMPORTANT box.

You see, if you want to be more productive in the long run, you have to deal with the Urgent and Important box first. This way you prevent future dangers and problems.

Note: It doesn’t matter how many tasks are in the Urgent and Important box. If only one, and you completed that, then you can multiply all your points in the Important box.

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